Terms and Conditions

The following are the General Terms & Conditions of Hire between the hirer and Craicncampers Ltd. Note that these terms & conditions in conjunction with the completed booking form(s) & copies of driver’s licences requested at the time of booking combine to form the motor ‘rental agreement’. Under Irish law, this is the entire rental agreement between Craicncampers Ltd and the hirer. The vehicle, its title and equipment remain the property of Craicncampers Ltd at all times.



A reservation is only complete when a booking confirmation has been received by the hirer. This will only be issued when completed booking request form and a booking deposit have been received by Craicncampers Ltd. The initial booking deposit is a maximum of €300, or the total cost of the rental if less than €300. The hirer shall receive a Booking Confirmation email containing the rental and payment details this also acts as a receipt for the booking deposit paid. Craicncampers Ltd. can facilitate reservations for hirers without internet access. For further details please contact Finnian on +353 (0)87 7959839.


The Hirer and/or Driver

The Hirer must comply, and is liable for ensuring that the named Driver(s) comply with the following obligations:

• Shall not lend or hire the campervan to a third party.
• Shall not tow any trailer or vehicle with the campervan.
• Shall not carry more passengers than the permitted capacity of the campervan.
• Shall not use the campervan for carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward.
• Shall not use the campervan for or in conjunction with any race, competition, trial or for hire or reward, or on non-metalled or sealed roads, or park or drive on any beach.
• Shall restrict campervan movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions, or any other reasonable cause.
• Shall be responsible for the costs of recovery for a campervan that has become bogged.
• Shall not carry volatile liquids or gases (other than the LPG canisters provided with the campervan), explosives or other corrosive or flammable materials.
• Shall not permit smoking in the campervan.
• Undertakes to keep the campervan securely locked at all times when unattended.
• Shall not allow the campervan to be driven by anyone other than those named in the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement.
• Shall ensure that the Driver(s) is/are fit and capable at all times.
• Shall not use the vehicle for illegal purposes.



Fully comprehensive insurance is provided by Craicncampers Ltd. to the driver(s) named on the booking details form. Craicncampers Ltd. vehicles may only be driven by the Hirer and/or agreed additional Drivers who have been accepted by Craicncampers Ltd. and their Insurance Company. All named Drivers must be over 25 and under 70 years of age and have held a full licence for at least two years. US and Canadian licences must be held for a minimum of 8 years and EEA licences a minimum of 5 years. The rental prices quoted on our website and literature include insurance cover for one Irish, UK or European named driver aged between 25 -70 years, with a clean licence. In order to comply with the requirements of our Insurance Company all drivers must disclose full details of any endorsements or accidents. Any additional surcharges due to, for example: non-EU licence, high-risk occupation, history of endorsements within the last five years, history of accidents, physical/mental defects, refused motor insurance record and motor convictions, additional drivers, etc. will be advised by Craicncampers Ltd. and any additional costs will be payable as part of the rental fee.

All drivers must submit copies of their full drivers licence AND confirmation of address in the form of a recent utility bill or a bank/building society statement at the time of booking IN ADVANCE of the rental. Hirers from outside Ireland and the UK must also submit copies of a valid passport or identity card as proof of id. Please note that if these documents are not available, Craicncampers Ltd. will be unable to proceed with the Hire as they are governed by their insurance company’s requirements.

The Hirer is insured for damage to the campervan and any third party or third parties property. In the event of any damage to the vehicle the Hirer will be responsible for the insurance excess of €1000 per case not rental. Failure to declare an accident is a criminal offence punishable by law.

It is illegal to drive without insurance in Ireland & UK. Driving by an unauthorised driver invalidates the insurance.

The theft of a campervan is not covered by insurance if the keys are left in the ignition or the surrounds of the vehicle while the vehicle is unoccupied and the hirer shall be fully responsible for the cost of a replacement vehicle.

The hirer is accountable for the following items not covered by Craicncampers Ltd. insurance:

• Tyre damage.
• Loss/damage/theft to the radio, stereo equipment, and aerials.
• Personal effects within or from the vehicle.

The Hirer must notify Craicncampers Ltd. PRIOR to accepting hire of the campervan if they:

• Have ever been refused insurance by any insurance provider.
• Have any endorsements on their license.


Security Deposit

Craicncampers Ltd. requires a security deposit of €1000 for ‘Hire Drive’. The security deposit is payable upon collection of the vehicle. Please ensure credit is available on the selected card upon collection as if the deposit cannot be secured the rental agreement will be declared void and any monies paid forfeited. The security deposit will be refunded in full within 8-10 days of return of the vehicle on the following conditions:

• No damage to camper, including tyres, any third party or third parties property.
• No malfunction, breakdown or repairs caused by the negligence of the hirer. The hirer is required to check the water and oil levels in the engine and tyre pressures.
• Camper is returned to the agreed location, on the agreed date and time.
• Camper and contents are returned in the same condition as it was collected, the interior cleaned including all cooking utensils and camping equipment.
• Camper is refuelled.

The hirer agrees to pay Craicncampers Ltd. any additional costs over and above the security deposit value should damages exceed the security deposit value.

Craicncampers Ltd. reserves the right to increase the security deposit for specific events e.g.: festivals or rallies.


Violation of Traffic Laws and Regulations

Driver(s) are personally liable for all legal penalties and fees pertaining to any traffic violation infringements under the current Road Traffic Legislation applicable in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. The driver(s) will be liable for any penalties and fees received during their rental.

Craicncampers Ltd. will notify the driver(s) of any speeding or parking fines and an administration charge of €25 for each infringement incurred throughout the hire period.



If you have any difficulties please report these immediately to Craicncampers Ltd. by telephone. In the event of breakdown 24 hour roadside assistance is provided by the Craicncampers Ltd. (Rep of Ire only). Minor repair bills up to the value of €125 will be reimbursed by Craicncampers Ltd. upon presentation of receipts. Repairs in excess of this amount must first be authorised by Craicncampers Ltd. PRIOR to the work being undertaken. In the rare case of a breakdown that cannot be repaired Craicncampers Ltd. will tow the camper and occupants to a local garage. A replacement camper van may be offered subject to availability. Craicncampers Ltd. cannot accept liability for any costs arising from breakdown including replacement vehicle costs, travel or accommodation. Craicncampers Ltd. liability extends to either replacing your vehicle with a similar one (if available) or refunding your hire charge for any days you lose the total use of the vehicle. A full day consists of a 24hour period from the time of Craicncampers Ltd. notification of breakdown. Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right not to replace the vehicle.



In the event of an accident;

Take the details of any other party/parties involved, registration number, insurance company names, and names of drivers, addresses and phone numbers.
• Contact Craicncampers Ltd. immediately and share above mentioned details.
• In undertaking this contract you comply with the terms and conditions of Craicncampers Ltd. insurance and agree to be of assistance supplying information to aid the resolution of any such claim.


Cancellation by Craicncampers

Craicncampers Ltd. reserve the right to cancel a reservation at the proposed commencement of hire if:

• Required documents are not produced or valid in accordance with stated conditions.
• Failure to provide funds for security deposit.
• Over occupancy of vehicle.
• Address on driving licence does not match booking/billing address. Additional proof of id is required in the form of a recent utility bill or a bank/building society statement.
• Hirers from outside Ireland and the UK fail to provide a valid passport or national identity card alongside driving licence as proof of id.

Craicncampers Ltd. reserve the right to refuse to hire to any person, without stating cause.


Cancellation by Hirer

In the event of a cancellation by the hirer the following charges shall be incurred:

Within 4 weeks of rental AND no show: 100% of rental cost.

From 12 to 6 weeks before rental: 50% of booking deposit.

More than 12 weeks before rental: €50 administration fee.

Credit card and debit card charges are non-refundable.

It is advisable to purchase holiday cancellation insurance.


Availability/Choice of Camper Vans

Craicncampers Ltd. shall make every effort to ensure that the vehicle reserved by the hirer is available for the agreed rental. If for any reason it is not available our liability is limited to the refund of monies paid to Craicncampers Ltd. by the hirer only.


Collection & Return

Craicncampers Ltd. aim to be as flexible as possible with our collection and return times during the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM. Please consider that the next customer may be collecting the camper within hours of your return time. If the campervan is returned late (i.e. outside the times agreed), Craicncampers Ltd. reserves the right to charge the hirer at the rate of €25 per hour together with any additional costs incurred by Craicncampers Ltd. (e.g. compensation to the next Hirer.)

No refund is given for an early return of the campervan for any reason, (e.g. accident, weather or theft). Where campervans have been arranged to be delivered to / collected from the Hirer, times and details shall be previously arranged and agreed by Craicncampers Ltd. and the Hirer.

The breakdown or malfunction of equipment after the campervan has left the premises will not be accepted as reason to abort or cancel the Rental Agreement, and any such fault will be rectified as soon as possible. Any accidental damage caused to a campervan once covered by the Rental Agreement but still on Craicncampers Ltd. premises shall be deemed as the Hirer’s responsibility.

The Hirer is responsible for returning the campervan with a full tank of fuel and ensuring that it is as clean as at the point of Hire. Upon return a Craicncampers Ltd. representative will check the campervan for damage, cleanliness, a full tank of fuel, condition of the tyres, windscreen, bumpers, roof lights, mirrors, doors and internal habitation equipment. Craicncampers Ltd. will make the following charges for additional cleaning:

• €50 for the cleaning of stained upholstery.
• €50 for a very dirty interior.
• €75 if the no smoking clause has been ignored.
• €10 charge plus diesel cost if return with full tank of fuel clause has been ignored.

Craicncampers Ltd. campers must never be taken through a car wash, or washed using a pressure wash on the paintwork. Should this be ignored, damage to paintwork and the resulting costs incurred by a specialist body shop shall be passed on in full to the Hirer.

Please allow at least 40 minutes for the collection and 20 minutes for the return of your vehicle.



We do not accept pets under any circumstances.


Personal Car Parking & Storage

The parking of one car per rental will be provided by Craicncampers Ltd. at our depot on Golf Links Road, Roscommon Town, Co Roscommon. Storage of luggage may also be available if booked in advance. Both parking and storage shall be entirely at the hirer’s own risk.



Craicncampers Ltd. are contactable throughout the rental period. All faults, damage or complaints must be reported immediately to Craicncampers Ltd. or at the latest on return of the vehicle. In the event that a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved upon return, the hirer must inform Craicncampers Ltd. in writing within 7 working days.